Increase productivity and reduce costs with industrial automation

The market for the Internet of Things (IoT) applied to industrial, home and lifestyle, LED lighting, residential and commercial cleaning, smart city and agricultural applications presents limitless opportunities for innovative businesses. Advances in sensors and other technologies such as connectivity, controls and human machine interface (HMI) enable vastly improved operational efficiency through predictive maintenance and remote management. Industrial and automation businesses can also look forward to lower costs and new revenue opportunities.

Collaborate with Flex to get maximum value from your manufacturing investment

Faced with this extraordinary opportunity for growth, you need a partner that can help you innovate, increase manufacturing efficiency and streamline supply chain management. Flex has deep experience collaborating with companies ranging from startups to industry leaders in equipment and automation, appliance and industrial management to deliver industry-changing results with turnkey Sketch-to-Scale™ solutions:


  • Grabit, an industrial automation and material handling startup, partnered with Flex to perform state-of-the-art testing and accelerate time to market for its patented electroadhesion technology. 
  • CropX, provider of the world's most advanced adaptive irrigation software service, partnered with Flex’s Lab IX to continue to develop a cost-effective solution to automate the entire irrigation process, from data collection to actual irrigation.
  • Innovation Endeavors and Flex collaborated to create Farm2050, a collective focused on increasing food production by a needed 70% to feed the world in 2050.
  • Bissell, a floor care cleaning company, partnered with Flex to scale its manufacturing, expand in emerging markets and leverage Flex’s core technologies to innovate their products.
  • Xerox, a leader in office solutions, partnered with Flex to outsource their worldwide manufacturing and rationalize their footprint and to achieve productivity improvements.




81% of industrial companies believe that adoption of the Industrial Internet of Things is the key to future success.

Source: Genpact Research Institute


Automate factory processes to enable business growth and increase agility

Welcome to the age of intelligent manufacturing, which applies the technology and tools from the Internet of Things to the factory. Increase efficiency, reliability and quality by working with Flex to automate factory operations and integrate them into the overall supply chain, creating a seamless data flow from customer orders through operations and order fulfillment. Whether you’re entering a new market or shifting manufacturing to low-cost regions, transform your industrial and automation supply chains with Flex’s global manufacturing footprint. Powered by Elementum, Flex’s Active Tracking™ logistics management software,  provides visibility at every stage of the supply chain, so you can anticipate and prevent disruptions.


Learn more about intelligent manufacturing in Flex’s INTELLIGENCE™ magazine.


Flex develops smarter designs & rapid prototyping (RP). It also drives miniaturizing of technologies while increasing efficiencies.

Johnson Controls Inc. awarded Flex the 2015 Execution Award. This prestigious award was honored to select suppliers who scored high on quality, commercial terms, supply chain management, innovation, service and social and environmental sustainability.

Make smart farms a reality with precision agriculture solutions

The International Food Policy Research Institute reports that agricultural technologies could increase global crop production by as much as 67% and cut food prices nearly in half by 2050. The demand for precision agriculture solutions — the use of technology to achieve the best quality, quantity and financial returns on crops — is increasing. At the same time, the decrease in remote sensor costs and advances in cloud-computing technology, tablets and smart devices have made precision agriculture more cost-effective for farmers.


Partner with Flex to leverage expertise at every stage of development, from concept to commercialization. Benefit from Flex’s leadership in industrial and automation solutions that bring insights and value to the smart farm ecosystem.


Learn more about precision agriculture in the INTELLIGENCE™ magazine.

The total market size for digital precision agriculture services is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 12.2% between 2014 and 2020, to reach $4.55 billion.

Source:  Accenture, “Digital Agriculture: Improving Profitability,” 2015


Smart Farms - Sketch to Scale


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